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The Sister Bag by Otiwaa. It is great to be a sister! Go ahead and smile.


We’ve thought of everything! The Sister Bag by Otiwaa is the perfect Sister Missionary Bag in every way!

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The Sister Bag by Otiwaa is Guaranteed to last your Entire Mission! A high quality bag at an affordable price and sold only online.


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Some things to love about the Sister Bag

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Size – The perfect bag begins with the perfect size. Remember, it goes with you the entire day. If your bag is too small then you can’t bring what you need. If it’s too big then it is too heavy and bulky. We went to the professionals for advice. We enlisted returned sister missionaries to help us design the perfectly sized bag for a full day of proselyting. And it’s perfect. We call it “The Sister Bag.” Not too small, not too big, but juuuust right!

Waterproof – You may not be waterproof, but your Sister Missionary Bag has to be! There are a lot of important things inside your bag and The Sister Bag by Otiwaa is designed to keep the rain on the outside of your bag, so, your precious belongings stay nice and dry. So, go ahead! Let it rain and let it pour!

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 Organization – A place for everything and everything in its place. The Sister Bag by Otiwaa is meticulously designed for this very reason. Do you need an easy-to-reach pocket specifically for your daily planner and pass-along cards? Got it. What about a padded zipper pocket for an iPad? Done. And a discrete compartment for girlie supplies? Yep. How about an accessible key clip to keep your keys from the bottom of your bag? That too. And even a secret zipper pocket to safely store your cash, credit card, and passport. This sister missionary bag has been delightfully designed with a place for everything, so you can keep everything in its place.

Style – From fit to finish The Sister Bag by Otiwaa says feminine and classic in every way. Defined by elegant curves, and a tidy shape, the purse-like design will keep you feeling confident and classy from dawn to dark. And every time you remember that polka dots are dancing inside, it will put a smile on your beautiful face!

Durability – A great Sister Missionary bag has quite a big task to perform. It becomes your first and faithful companion. The Sister Bag by Otiwaa is made to endure it all, right alongside you. It will go where you go and be by your side. Faithful and constant. “To the ends of the earth.”

Guaranteed to last your Entire Mission.

O, That I Were An Angel

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